Wisdom Teeth Removal in Port Coquitlam

Less is More

Give your teeth room to grow into a healthy, beautiful smile.

“Do I really have to remove them?”

We love saving teeth as much as anyone - but if your teeth are getting in the way of your smile’s long term health and beauty, it’s time for them to go.

You’ll probably need your wisdom teeth to be removed if:

  • They haven’t properly erupted in your mouth
  • They’re growing sideways or into another tooth
  • They’re stuck in your bone or gums

Wisdom Teeth Removal Lets You

Enjoy a straighter smile
Removing your wisdom teeth takes pressure off of your smile, helping your teeth achieve better alignment.
Have better oral health
Swelling, pain, and illness caused by wisdom teeth can make it harder to maintain good tooth and gum health.
Avoid later complications
Impacted teeth can lead to serious problems like tumours and cysts that put your jaw and healthy teeth at risk.

What’s Wisdom Tooth Removal Like?

01. Before Your Treatment
Once we’re sure that wisdom tooth removal is the right option for your smile, we’ll schedule your surgery. If you’d like, we can also prescribe pain medications for after your surgery.
02. During Your Treatment
We’ll carefully use local anesthesia to make sure you stay comfortable, and full sedation is available too. Either way, you’ll feel little to no discomfort during the 30 to 60-minute surgery.
03. After Your Treatment
Rest and give your body plenty of time to heal. The numbing of the anesthetic may last until the next day, and your gums may feel swollen as well - those are both normal side effects.

Wisdom Tooth Removal: What’s The Cost?

Pricing for extractions ranges from as low as $145 for simple cases to $375 for teeth that are impacted or still below the gumline.

Most people have wisdom teeth in the latter category, so you can expect to pay around $1800 to have all four of your wisdom teeth removed.

We’re flexible about payment.

Talk to us about your options for payment plans and direct billing.
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Choose Wisely

Choose Poco Comfort Dentistry

Dr. Ashnaei knows wisdom tooth extraction. In his nearly 30 years in dentistry, he’s built up thousands of hours of oral surgery experience and successfully operated on hundreds of patients.

It’s that experience which lets him bring advanced techniques like Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF) Therapy to your wisdom tooth removal. You get faster healing, less pain, and - just like our name promises - better comfort!

Get wise about wisdom teeth.

Can I eat or drink before my wisdom tooth removal?
Except for any prescription medications you need to take, you should avoid eating or drinking for 6 (or more) hours before your surgery.
Will I be able to drive myself to and from the appointment?
No, since the anesthetic will take time to wear off and you’ll probably feel tired after your surgery, we recommend having a driver accompany you to your appointment.
Will I be able to have all my wisdom teeth removed at the same time?
Yes, in most cases we’ll be able to remove all of your wisdom teeth in a single appointment.
How long will it take for me to fully recover?
The immediate swelling and discomfort will go away after 3 or 4 days, and you’ll have to manage extra sensitivity for about 2 weeks. Total healing of the sockets, however, will take a few more weeks.
When will I be able to eat normally again?
You’ll probably be able to eat normally again in around 4-5 days, although it varies slightly depending on how extensive your surgery was and how quickly you heal.
Do I have to get my wisdom teeth removed as a teenager?
No, you don’t have to, but it’s usually recommended because the roots of your wisdom teeth aren’t fully grown yet at that age. That makes it easier to remove the wisdom teeth, and gives your jaw and surrounding teeth more time to properly heal and re-adjust.

True wisdom isn’t in your teeth.

It’s in knowing how to take care of your smile.
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