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There are a lot of dentists out there. Here’s why we’re different.
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Who We Are

Doctors of Dentistry. Masters of Comfort

Dr. Kayvan Ashnaei
Dr. Kayvan Ashnaei
Some dentists are all business - and it shows in your treatment. They’re in, they’re out, and you feel like an item on a checklist. Dr. Ashnaei? He isn’t one of those dentists.

He knows you want a smile that looks great, feels completely healthy, and doesn’t make you take out a second mortgage - and when you visit him, you can be sure he’ll put his nearly 30 years of dentistry experience to work making sure that’s precisely what you get.
Dr. Tyler Duffy
Dr. Tyler Duffy
With a concerted focus on periodontal treatment and oral surgery, smile health is Dr. Duffy’s pride and joy.

Having trained under some of the nation’s most renowned surgical experts, he brings over 13 years of dental excellence to every one of his patients, along with a wealth of expertise spanning Invisalign treatment and Botox rejuvenation.
Dr. Rasul
Dr. Rasul
If there’s a way to make your treatment safer and more comfortable, Dr. Rasul will find it.

As a former Associate Dental Surgeon and current General Dentist, he knows nearly every aspect of dentistry - and what he doesn’t know, he’s working to learn. He’s a lifelong scholar of the dental arts, ensuring that Glen Dental Centre always serves you with the latest tools and techniques. If you’re looking for a patient, knowledgeable dentist, he’s second to none.
Dr. Moslehi
Dr. Moslehi
Dr. Moslehi loves a challenge - especially with root canals. Where other dentists might say your only option is an extraction, he’ll go above and beyond to save your tooth.

Going the extra mile for his patients has been his calling card through the 25+ years he’s spent as a dental professional. So whether you’re visiting Glen Dental Centre for a root canal or another procedure, you can be sure that he’ll go the extra mile for your smile too.
Dr. Malekian
Dr. Malekian
Soft hands. They’re all that you’ll be talking about after being cared for by Dr. Malekian. With her compassionate, gentle approach, she makes dentistry stress-free, particularly for kids.

But there’s more to Dr. Malekian than a steady hand. With over two decades of dentistry experience and a professional commitment to continuing education, you’ll appreciate her light touch - but adore the healthy, beautiful results she creates for your smile.

What We Believe

We believe in comfort

Not just in comfortable treatment, but comfort in every. single. part. of the dental experience.

Whether it’s transparent information, easy booking, gentle treatment, or affordable care, we want your experience to be as stress-free as possible.

Why? Because we’re caregivers - it’s our responsibility, and it’s what you can always expect from us.

What We Do

We put comfort into action

It’s in your consultations
No sneaky upsells here. We’re upfront and transparent about your options so you can comfortably make the right call for your oral health.
It’s in your options
Invisalign? Check. Oral Surgery? Yup. Dentures? Same thing. With 6 dentists and even more areas of expertise, everything your smile needs is right here.
It’s in your treatments
Mess-free, all-digital impressions. High-tech ergonomic chairs. New technology for less-invasive treatment. Everything is chosen for care and comfort.
It’s in your billing
You need care, you have a budget - and we fit them together comfortably, helping you access your coverage and pay with flexible instalment plans.

Less ow. More wow.

Stop feeling discomfort and start feeling the difference of comfortable dentistry.
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