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Call us for emergency dental care and bring relief to your mouth sooner. We treat new and current patients!
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What counts as a dental emergency?

If you answer “yes” to one or more of the following questions, you may need immediate care and should call our emergency dentist in Port Coquitlam to schedule an appointment.
Is there swelling in your face or mouth that makes breathing or swallowing difficult?
Is your mouth bleeding uncontrollably?
Is it difficult to breathe because of a mouth injury?
Is your mouth causing you severe pain?
Is there an infection preventing you from biting down?

Think it’s an emergency?

Don’t wait to call our emergency line. Treating dental issues early is almost always better for your long-term oral health.
Call Now at (604) 474-2510

What to Expect

Regular Hours

Schedule a same-day appointment
Please call us and we’ll do our absolute best to fit you in for an emergency same-day appointment.
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After Hours

Call and leave a voice message
We'll call back ASAP to schedule immediate care for current patients or next-day care for new patients.
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Relieve your pain. Restore your smile.

Call Now at (604) 474-2510

Emergency Dentistry FAQs

Can I get emergency treatment without dental insurance?
Of course! Our Port Coquitlam dental clinic provides a range of payment options as well as in-house financing on our emergency dental services and treatment plans if you need it.

When a dental emergency arises it's stressful enough, so if we can offer you more financial flexibility to make the emergency situation more manageable, we always will.
How long will my emergency treatment be?
In most cases emergency appointments for dental pain or damage take just 1 to 2 hours, although an appointment might be shorter or longer depending on the kind of treatment that’s needed. 

We'll let you know how long you can expect your treatment to take when we connect with you about your emergency appointment booking.
Can a broken or lost tooth be reattached?
Sometimes. It depends on the type of damage and how long the tooth (or tooth piece) has been separated, but in many cases it's possible to recover lost teeth and repair broken ones.

Time is critical - the sooner you receive dental treatment, the more likely it is that we’ll be able to restore your tooth!
Should I go the emergency room?
If you have severe pain, bleeding, or damage that you aren't able to manage with at-home or over-the-counter solutions, you should call emergency services or safely make your way to a local hospital.
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