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Make your tooth pain disappear with a fast, safe and affordable root canal treatment.
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Keep your tooth. Ditch the pain.

Feeling sharp pain or sensitivity around your tooth? That’s bad news - it’s probably a sign that the inside, or pulp, of your tooth has picked up an infection.

The good news is that a root canal treatment can make that discomfort disappear. By clearing out and filling in the infected pulp, it rescues your tooth and makes the pain go away. 

Watch out for:

Sensitivity to Hot/Cold
Gum Decay/Darkening
Loose or Discoloured Teeth
Sharp Pain While Biting/Chewing

It’s not just cleaning.

Why get a root canal treatment?

It’s better for your health
Left untreated, your tooth could fall out, forcing you to get a dental implant.
It’s a safe, low-pain option
Receiving a root canal treatment isn’t any worse than getting a cavity filling.
It’s quick and convenient
You can be free from all your pain and discomfort in as little as one visit.

Our Root Canal Treatment Process

How does it work?

01. Cleaning
Numbed with local anesthetic, we create a small opening in your tooth then carefully clear out the infected pulp and disinfect your tooth. Once clean, we fill in and seal the tooth.
02. Restoration
In cases where the infection is severe, your tooth might need extra support. We’ll fit you with a crown or post that’ll help your tooth to stay strong and resistant to reinfection.
03. Follow-Up
New infections are rare, but it’s always better to be cautious. To make sure all the harmful bacteria is gone, we’ll get you to visit us one more time for a follow-up exam.

Why wonder when you can get answers?

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And tooth infections are all about discomfort. That makes it personal.

Dr. Ashnaei and his team are gentle on your teeth but tough on bad bacteria, using their decades of experience with endodontics and oral healthcare to clear out the infection and restore the strength of your tooth.
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Financing & Insurance

It’s more affordable than you think.

We work with most major coverage providers and offer third-party financing to help make your care more affordable. And with convenient direct billing, paying couldn’t be simpler.

Root Canal Therapy FAQs

Know Your Treatment

Does getting a root canal treatment hurt?
Generally, patients don’t find root canal treatment to be very uncomfortable. It’s about the same as what you’d expect when getting a filling, and practically discomfort-free if you choose to be sedated in advance.
How long does a root canal treatment take?
Root canal treatment can be as quick as one visit, or take as long as three or four visits. It depends on which tooth is infected, how bad the infection is, and whether extra care is needed to make the tooth strong and secure again.
Are there any alternatives to getting a root canal treatment?
The alternative to getting a root canal treatment is tooth extraction and - usually - placement of a dental implant. That’s why root canal treatment is our first choice - it lets you keep your natural tooth while helping you avoid the cost of an extraction and implant placement.
Can you get a same-day root canal treatment?
Yes, if it’s an emergency or there’s room in our schedule, it’s possible to get a same-day root canal treatment. The infected pulp will be removed, then - if necessary - a temporary filling or crown will be placed until you can come back for a follow-up appointment.
How much does it cost to be put to sleep for a root canal treatment?
The total cost will depend on how long your treatment is, but it’s much more affordable than general anesthesia at a hospital and it’s typically covered by dental insurance as well.

This is a problem you can’t ignore.

Make the smart choice for your health, comfort, and wallet by getting a root canal treatment.
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