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Brace yourself. 
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Straighten your teeth with braces or clear aligners for spotless oral health and a smile you’ll adore.
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Tooth Alignment Matters

It’s not just cosmetic

Great teeth look better and feel better.

A properly aligned smile is easier to clean and lowers your risk of experiencing future oral health issues like tooth decay and gum disease.
Show off your smile with pride.
Say cheese. Or don’t. You’ll love your smile either way.
Make flossing and brushing easy.
No more broken floss strings and awkward brushing positions.
Eat and speak with zero problems.
Wave goodbye to lisping and having food trapped in your teeth.
Steer clear of mouth injuries.
Protect your teeth, lips, and cheeks from accidental bite damage.

The Popular Choice

Clear Aligners

Great for most cases, clear aligners are a game changer. They’re 0% awkward, 100% comfortable and convenient.
Invisalign® Express

The Proven Performer


There’s no smile that braces can’t handle. They’re an affordable classic that’s now less visible and more comfortable.
Metal Braces
Clear Braces
Lingual Braces
Self-ligating Braces

Align your smile and budget

Need to pay in installments? Wondering if you can use insurance? We can help.
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Getting Your Orthodontics

Your Path to a Straighter Smile

Talk to us. Your options, your budget, your treatment plan - we’ll fill you in on everything you need to know.
Get your plan
You’ll get a thorough exam and digital impressions to help us plan out every detail of your smile alignment and provide you with specific personalized care.
Start aligning
Once you’re fitted with your braces or aligners, we’ll teach you how to care for them and get the best results.
Fine-tune things
You’ll visit us every few weeks so we can check on your progress and adjust your braces or give you new aligners.
Rock your smile
Whoa. Your smile is now amazing. We’ll provide you with a retainer and everything you need to keep it that way.

What Makes Us Different?

We handle everything

Like orthodontists, we have thousands of hours of experience in smile alignment and can create healthy functioning bites in practically all cases. 

Unlike orthodontists, our team of dentists provides more than just orthodontic care. Need work on your teeth or gums before starting orthodontics? No problem.

Checkups can disrupt your schedule - so we have extended hours. Treatment can be pricey - so we offer financing and insurance help. With us, everything is just easier.

Be A Know-It-All

Get the facts about orthodontics

How is orthodontic treatment different from at-home aligners?
At-home aligners work best for simpler cases, whereas the clear aligners and braces we offer can handle everything up to and including complex cases. And, of course, getting your smile aligned with us means having a full team of dentists behind your treatment too.
What’s the right age to start orthodontic treatment?
Ideally, treatment on more complex cases will begin in a person’s pre-teen years, while treatment for milder cases treatment will begin in the teens or early twenties. In general, though, there isn’t a “wrong” time to get your smile aligned.
Is it true that clear aligners are only for simple cases?
That used to be true, but clear aligners have improved a lot over the years. Today they can handle a wide range of cases - even moderate and complex ones.
How long will my orthodontic treatment take?
For most people, treatment takes just under 2 years, but if you just need a minor realignment, it could be as quick as 6 months!
Is the treatment painful?
You’ll feel pressure on your teeth when you first get your braces or aligners, and when they’re adjusted, but the overall pain level is very low.
Does dental insurance cover orthodontics?
It depends on your plan - some provide coverage, while others don’t. If you’re not sure, that’s okay - we can help you find and use whatever coverage you’re entitled to.

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